Customer feedback


“I have been fortunate enough to have received training and coaching on the subject of leadership with Richard and it fundamentally changed the way I operated as a member of the leadership team and as a line manager of a department.

His style is professional and involved. He knows what leadership means and what the practical challenges are we face as leaders of an organisation. He uses his own experience and draws on those of the colleagues he trains and coaches, in order to deliver practical bespoke guidance. He’s not a classroom “trainer” but an enabler. Many of the things I learned during time spent with Richard stay with me to this day, and are put to use every day!”

Julian Pickles, Finance Director, Johns & Co


“Richard has an extensive background in sales, customer service, HR & Training which makes his insight as an L&D Leader tremendous. He is respected by peers and admired by those that work with him and can challenge, support and inspire others. He has a holistic mindset about the integration of L&D in business and his outputs are measurable – improved customer service, employee engagement and sales figures”

Cathy Millis, HR Director, Millwod Partnership


“Always commercial, he knows the time and place for focused training, and also has strong executive coaching and facilitation skills. Above all, Richard adds some spark and personality, in a world that’s often too much about formulaic approaches and grey delivery. He’s a clear expert and leader in the talent, development and coaching space, and comes highly recommended”

Mark Swain, Director, Henley Partnership, Henley Business School


“A true asset to any organisation. He sets high standards and is always looking to continuously improve and drive performance in any business”

Matt Tindall, Learning & Development Manager, Just Eat